Thursday, 2 January 2014

Wedding at Boca

Kim here:
We are truly living in the tension between heaven and earth. As believers we are to partner with Jesus to bring things into order on earth as they are in heaven - marriages, families, bodies, communities, people walking in faith and love.  But that is not what we see around us. We felt that on Christmas Eve when we scattered the ashes from Jordan’s body. While it is true that “he is not here, he is risen”, it was still a painful and stark reminder of our loss.
Later that day, Matthew, Joel and I were in the mall scurrying around with all the other shoppers, when Matthew noticed the Salvation Army guy was standing with a cane. Matthew asked us if we wanted to pray for the man - Yes! His name was Murray and he had been injured in the Navy back in 2004. We spoke healing to his body for a few seconds and checked in to see what the difference was. The pain and restriction of movement was 50% gone. Thank you Jesus. We kept on going until all the pain and restriction was gone. He dropped his cane - he was very surprised. We encouraged him, blessed him and went on our way. When we walked by him a few minutes later, he told us that even though we hadn’t prayed for his shoulder, that had been healed too!

A few days ago we were at the wedding of our family friends down here in Boca Raton, Florida. We know how Jesus loves to do miracles at weddings, so we were on alert. Two people got healed at the reception - both had chronic pain that completely disappeared. We expect healing now.

So, in the midst of loss, we are seeing some significant victories. When we tell these stories, some have said, “We just don’t have that kind of faith”. That feeling is familiar to me. I have walked for years assuming that the healing kind of faith belonged to someone else and was out of reach for me. Then we heard a teaching that God has given everyone the gift of faith, and as you use whatever faith you have, you get more. If faith is a muscle, then lift what you can and repeat. Work out that muscle until you can lift heavy illnesses off people.  It’s part of your inheritance.