Tuesday, 23 September 2014

Kevin's Declaration

Below are the most encouraging facebook posts we’ve seen in a looong while.  Our friend Kevin Peterson, the South African director of JGLM has kindly given us permission to repost them.  Our faces were wet with tears by the time we were finished reading them.  After the death of Kevin’s young son from a brain tumor he embarked on a quest to find out if it was indeed God’s will that his son suffer and die, as some of his Christian friends insisted.  After studying his Bible and finding Curry’s teaching, he became a healing machine. We overcome by the blood of the Lamb and the word of our testimony.
How Crazy is this....Last night on the eve of the anniversary of Joel's death, Monique says to me as I was about to jump into my jamies "you better attend to this" - a medical emergency at St Augustines. I wolf down supper and jump into my bakkie. On route I call a lady whose husband had had a severe stroke - we pray over the phone - instantly he can move all the limbs that were paralysed and he begins to speak and tries to stand up. His wife and family are overwhelmed what Jesus has done. I get to the hospital only to find the guy who I was meant to pray for wasn’t there so I decide that since the devil got me out of my jarmies I shall make him pay...... I see a lady weeping so I go over to her to find out what’s wrong? Her mom has a critical heart condition and needs surgery. So I say to her do not worry, I will fix this. I get taken to ward 6. It is packed with people. I pray for her mom - instant difference in her condition and she feels lighter. I stand up and boldly ask who else needs prayer because the Kingdom of Heaven is at hand. The sister of the lady who was ill says I have the same condition in my heart. I pray for her and I ask her what she hasn't been able to do. She couldn’t walk up stairs without being out of breath so I send her to do some cross fit on the nearby staircase. She returns a few minutes later beaming - Jesus just gave her a new heart. All heaven breaks loose. Stroke symptoms are smashed, a chest infection clears , backs are healed, lungs are healed ...all manners of things as Jesus shows his amazing Love to a crowd in a hospital ward.
6 years ago there we were watching life ebb out of Joely's body and last night I was watching the Life of God flow effortlessly into the bodies of those who were oppressed by the devil. Brothers do not be deceived....Ignorance kills. Truth sets us and others free...

The following day, Kevin declares:

On the anniversary of the day the devil stole our son I want to declare that JESUS is the lover of our souls not the destroyer of them. He is the One who brings life and that in abundance, not the one who only robs kills and destroys. Jesus is the one who heals all our diseases and forgives all our sins. Jesus keeps no record of wrong against us. He is not the one who accuses us. Jesus is the One who is our advocate constantly interceding for us and whose blood constantly declares us not guilty!!. Jesus is the One in whose image and likeness we are made. We have His name; we have his mind; we have His Spirit; we have His authority; we are His Body; we are as He is. We no longer carry the identity of the devil's nature - sin. Jesus has freed us from the dominion of sin. Jesus has enabled us to become the righteousness of God whose nature we now possess. Jesus is the One in whom there is no darkness - no shadow of turning no variableness. Jesus is the same yesterday today and forever. Jesus is the One who has stripped the devil of all His authority and the One in whom ALL authority in heaven and on earth now rests. Jesus is the One whom we are joined to - in perfect union with. We are inseparable from Him. Jesus is our joint heir and because of that we have everything He has. Jesus is totally worthy of us laying down our lives for - to live not only for God's glory but also for the benefit of our fellow man.
Amen and Amen

Monday, 15 September 2014

I Wonder

Despite spending a lot of time studying and thinking about what heaven will be like, I've not considered what the new earth will be like.  This summer has been filled with jaw dropping beauty for us - from the sky slicing mountains and emerald lakes of Jasper to the roar of the ocean in Cannon Beach, Oregon.  Since the God of the Bible is Redeeming God, we find ourselves wondering if these exquisite spots will occupy the same real estate in the new earth, only in perfection and without any of the inherent danger is scaling the mountain or swimming out to sea.  Will there be no "too cold" or "too hot" as well as no "too dangerous"? When we swim out into the water, will I be able to call on the dolphins to play with?  When Jordan and I would dream together about what was coming, I would always chose the dolphins and he would always chose the killer whale as water pets.  He liked the idea that a beast so fearsome could be his playmate.  

It must be like the blink of an eye for Jordy in anticipating our reunion in heaven and the New Earth.  For me, I'm just so grateful that when I miss his hugs, his voice, his "I Love You's", I can anticipate him showing me around, introducing me to others and spending the rest of eternity with him: discovering, building, adventuring, playing, creating, celebrating.... and I don't know what else.  

This weekend, Kim and I are celebrating our 27th wedding anniversary. I love sharing this life with him .... and look forward to sharing all eternity. How incredible is that? 
If it's this good now...

Thursday, 11 September 2014

Debt of Love

We owe Curry Blake, his family and all the long distance believers, who prayed with Jordan over the phone, a debt of love we can never repay.  In Texas, this summer, Kim and I were able to thank most of them in person.

Right in the moment of our greatest need as a family, we received the gift of solid teaching on healing.  My introduction to John G. Lake Ministries came in the children’s cancer ward on a fold out bed in the darkened corner of Jordan’s room with the hum of machines and the poison chemo drip in his chest.  With one earbud in to hear the DHT Training on YouTube and one earbud out to hear any possible whispers, I listened with tears streaming down my cheeks.  

My religious traditions and mindsets were systematically debunked.  I fell in love with the Bible all over again. We were given weapons to fight with - a mindset that withstood and overcame torment, confusion and despair. Although we didn’t ask Jordan to listen to the teachings, he overheard us discussing them and the truth resonated with his spirit. He, along with our family, became convinced by Scripture that God was not the author of his sickness; he was not being punished or tempted or disciplined.  He hated sickness and had no tolerance for it - especially in others. The fact that Jordan was able to do miraculous healings when he prayed for others totally jazzed him.

Being in a family of all boys, my son was really comfortable with the paradigm of being at war.  Scripture became the sword in his hand. He trained his friends how to pray.  He had no patience for pleading with or begging God.  Jordan was already convinced by the life and commands of Christ that healing is God’s will. “If we don't quit, we win” became his battle cry.

He didn’t quit.  He won. Jordan entered heaven a warrior, not a victim.

Wednesday, 3 September 2014


Having Matthew and Joel close again this summer was such a joy! It’s strange though to transition back and forth from empty nest to a full, boisterous, fridge-emptying house.  Having sons somehow came with an expectation for me to send them off into the world.  I just wasn’t prepared to being “just the two of us” so soon.  
Our Gatherings have made the adjustment palpable for me.  Often the four of us able to connect once a week via Skype to be the church.  The format we follow is from Corinthians instructing us to each bring something to edify the body (1 Corinthians 14:26).  Somehow I end up tearing up at some point in our time together.  Whether it is when one of the guys share: something they’re hearing from Father for themselves of one of us, a song, a question, a passage of Scripture or a request for prayer, time seems to stand still. Frequently we find what we bring overlaps with another, creating a kind of underlining of what Jesus is saying.  
Jordan was the one who wanted to begin this gathering when he began to lose interest in church services.  His frustration stemmed from having to spectate for hours when he wanted to participate. The only sermons he wanted to sit in on were his Dad’s. :-) He felt badly for squirming and distracting others.  I think he was on to something.  And throughout his illness, we would gather as a family, even when the guys were at a distance.  I think one of my favourite moments was when I asked our family to each draw an image of where they saw their journey with God. Joel is the only real artist but somehow we were able to communicate what was inside.  
Jordan’s drawing was that of a fortress - where he was inside and the enemy was outside.  He explained to us that the fort was God and he was hidden inside Him. I so miss his perspective and influence.  What an honour to be his mother.

Darlene's Mom with us in Victoria