Thursday, 20 February 2014

Olly Olly In Free

Our childhood game of tag included the joyous shout “Olly Olly In Free!!!” when we touched home base...whatever it was, whether a tree, the side of a house or a fence post.
Kim and I often turn to each other these days and say this, sometimes with tears in our eyes, when we see something Jordan has escaped.

no more math exams
no more unanswered questions
never out of reach of Jesus
no more miscommunication
no more being misunderstood
no more misses - of any kind
no more confusion

Jordan has escaped so much, but wait! He has gained so much more than he has left behind.
He is waaay more creative - and is creating right now.  What he imagines, he can build.
Our son is completely confident in his security and significance.
His strength and energy are impressive.
Unending beauty surrounds him.
Laughter and joy in the presence of His Creator and Redeemer.
He is basking in true Kingdom Community - he belongs and is cheered everywhere he goes.

The rest of us are stuck here and while we are here, we are going to boldly advance the Kingdom of Jesus. Along the way, we are having some FUnrau time - as you can see in this video from Christmas in Florida. Top speed: 18 mph.