Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Behold and Be Held

We had some good tears today (as is true with most days) and some great laughs. Jordan's fever has broken and his blood cultures have come back negative. They want his ANC's (not sure what that stands for) to come up before releasing him.  We still hope to get home for the weekend.
We are surrounded by people that are in critical need for healing so our compassion and conviction grows by the day.
That we would behold who Jesus really is and the inheritance that He has given us and that we would be held by Him as we are on this journey.  Jordan LOVED a LEGO poster he received in the mail and it had no return address so we don't know who sent it - thank you out there.  The cards and pictures, art bits, videos and hilarious cartoons are brilliant diversions when required. Thank you all. Some of you we are meeting for the first time through email or mail... We so appreciate you.

If you would like to mail us something, can we suggest sending it in care of 
Ronald McDonald House
4116 Angus Drive 
Vancouver, BC, V6J 4H9 
If things are sent to the hospital, and we aren't here, they are returned to sender.  If they are sent to Ronald McDonald House, they keep them for us or forward them.  

Saturday, 28 January 2012


Instead of going home, we went to the hospital today. Jordan's fever spiked and was admitted for a couple of nights. Coming home Monday is a more distant possibility. Reconnecting his Vascular Access Device (VAD) was quite traumatic, maybe the most traumatic so far. After a round of antibiotics, his fever is coming down. So it's man night (Kim and Jordan) in ward 2B.
As far as prayer goes - plan A is still plan A.

Friday, 27 January 2012

What not to put behind the wheels of a van

Today was quite interesting. On the way to our clinic appointment, I drove over my briefcase resulting in a cracked screen and  battery for my work computer, the screen of Darlene's work IPAD damaged and the screen of Jordan's brand new 3DS (gift from friends) cracked. What with the assortment of things we were trying to stuff in the van for our trip to the clinic - wheelchair, crutches, blanket, water, purse, meds, paperwork, etc., it just got overlooked. My computer has already been replaced by a generous donor.

The blood work came back to show that Jordan is not ready to travel yet, so we will try again for Monday. That was hardest on Jordan who longs for a sense of normalcy and familiarity.
We were all sad and then went shopping for more Lego.  Lego has helped Jordan focus - to finish a project is satisfying - to bring order out of chaos.  Something concrete. Later, I took the 3DS to Nintendo Canada and for a nominal fee, replaced the unit. 

We are very thankful, just have to dig a little deeper to get there.  We want Jordan healed.
In the midst of some loss, we are seeking to rehearse what we have not lost: our place in Christ, our peace, our authority in Jesus, our confidence in His goodness, you (our friends and family), great and precious promises, a house that cannot be shaken, our voice to speak hope and life, our hands to touch the sick and see them healed, a growing connection with Jordan in the midst of trial and a marriage that just seems to be getting better.

So, in light of all that, we are doing well. 
Just don't leave your electronics anywhere near the wheels of my vehicle.

Thursday, 26 January 2012


It’s amazing how goodness sneaks up on you and catches you by surprise. Right now is one of those moments. Darlene has chosen to take some down time and go get a haircut. Jordan is watching Reel Steel on his newly donated Apple product. Of course God is good even when we don’t feel it and we live by faith and not by sight. It’s just nice to experience it.
Jordan is praying with authority that we have never heard before.  In the middle of a disappointing day, he is thanking God for people and things.
We go in for more blood work on Friday - tomorrow morning.  Jordan’s blood count (White blood cells and hemoglobin) were a bit low and that was a concern for travel, so we are hoping that the count will be better tomorrow which will give us green lights to fly home sometime on the weekend.
Room at Ronald's House

Cool looking Jelly Fish at Vancouver Aquarium

Right now our prayers include commanding the cancer to go, strength to Jordan’s immune system and his organs, the restoration of his leg, the elimination of pain and nausea and any harmful side effects of the chemo.  We’re blessing his hair and his spirit.  

Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Blessing Party for Jordan

Hey folks, Cheryl Molenaar here.

I wanted to let you know that there is a blessing party planned for Jordan on February 10th in Kelowna.

Many of you have been asking how and where you can donate funds to support the Unrau family as they face this challenge.

Here's another option for you and a GREAT opportunity to gather together to enjoy fantastic music and a chance to bless Jordan.

Don't miss it!

If you have any further questions, contact Dave Anthony at:

Tuesday, 24 January 2012


Yesterday we were moved across the hall in Ronald McDonald House to a room where we have a bit more room.  Kim and I were able to share a bed for the first time in 12 days with Jordan on a pull out comfy couch.  A window to open for fresh air and laundry down the hall....yahoo!  What a gift.  

This morning began with a Fruit Loops Purolator package  - bet that hasn’t happened before!  With a ridiculously fun gift tucked inside.  At 3pm Jordan had energy to do something so we raced to the Vancouver Aquarium for the last hour it was open.  Jordan loves Jelly Fish.  

We get to rehearse the good things.  The hard things are the losses of Jordan’s energy and strength, close by friends, our home, jobs and freedom to come and go. 

Tomorrow morning holds the clinic visit for Jordan’s blood work to determine the next move - whether Kelowna is an option or not.  If we let our eyes get off focus, it can be terrifying. Living in the moment and loving each other makes life really simple right now...the important things become clear. 

Your prayers matter - thank you. God is faithful! Hugs, D

Sunday, 22 January 2012


What a great weekend!  Best weekend I can remember.  Jordan was granted a day pass yesterday (sounds like the army) and today a discharge (again with the army lingo) with the request we stay in Vancouver for monitoring.  It's been so wonderfully full that I haven't had a chance to let you all know.  We're free!
Our prayer is to return to the clinic declaring the miraculous healing power of God.
We're so grateful to Father - for fresh air, beautiful ocean drives, rain (Jordan loves rain), tasty food, fun movies, the Psalms, the testimonies of friends' experiences of healings, the historical records of Jesus' words on healing, for Kim's brother's family close by in Surrey, funny videos, financial gifts, for emailed prayers, for funny cards and crazy gifts - one person sent a rubber snake to hide in his bed to scare the nurses....the list goes on.
We'll never be the same as a family.  Sickness is not okay for us or anyone.  Just as the Scriptures used to be chained to the pulpit for the few privileged, the obedience of prayer for healing has often been pawned off on the gifted.  "Faith is being sure of what we hope for and certain of what we do not see." We are remaining in His truth and as we do, we are discovering that our inheritance is more powerful than we thought.
Jordan found out about the Team Jordan t-shirts today....thank you Worsfold clan. His doctor wanted to buy one.  :-)  Jordan has been pretty occupied in making it through the last 12 days.  He didn't realize that when Cheryl asked him for his favourite colour, it would be on t-shirts encouraging people to keep bringing him before the throne and speaking out his healing.  How amazing!
Bless you!

Saturday, 21 January 2012

A Mighty Army

Hi this is Cheryl Molenaar. I just have a few things to say to you all.


There have been 5389 page views on this blog since it was created. Can you believe it?!

People are praying, sending words of faith, believing, loving, giving, cooking, writing, planning and strategizing on how they can support the Unraus to see Jordan come to complete healing.

What a beautiful thing!

Today I had an image of the Unrau family standing in a field. They were completely surrounded by rows and rows of warriors. The people were pressed in so tight that no harm could touch the family. There were layers of protection.
God is fighting on Jordan's behalf and He has enlisted you as part of His mighty army.

Jordan has some work to do. The response has been so overwhelming that we need him to write a new wish list. (what a great problem!) I hope to get that soon.

In the meantime, I wanted to let you know that a group of teenagers and young adults have designed Team Jordan t-shirts (in a colour Jordan chose) with a 2 fold desire:

1.  To raise funds so that Jordan can be blessed with an iPad so that he can keep in contact with his friends.

2.  That the t-shirts would speak a message of faith and hope in line with Jordan's healing.

The Worsfold's will be selling Team Jordan shirts on Sunday January 21 @ New Life Church in Kelowna for a minimum donation of 20$.

Or, you can contact Reece Worsfold to be a participate in this fantastic idea.

As well, there is a Team Jordan page on Facebook that you can like and view the activity of this great idea.

On Monday I will be letting you know more about a fundraiser that will be happening in Kelowna on February 10th.

Well done warriors! Keep strong and keep believing!

Friday, 20 January 2012

A New Morning

Oh my word, what a crazy 24 hours.  

Yesterday was just one bad event after another...Jordan slipping and falling, too drugged to use his crutches, bloody noses and loads of yucky stuff he probably wouldn't be interested in the world knowing about :-)  And then the sun came up this morning.

Once again Jordan awakened thinking maybe he was at his cousins' home or maybe in his only bed only to be soo disappointed. So he crawled into his lazyboy-type wheelchair, put on a winter coat and hat and wheeled him out to the porch at the end of our hall in my pjs and housecoat.  We must have been quite a sight.  We didn't dare ask permission.  We'll ask forgiveness later.  Jordan is holding on to his IV pole and I'm stuffing him through the door onto the snow with no idea if I can maneuver to get him back in.  Just for a breath of fresh air after days in his little room.  The Oncologist found us out there....Jordan explained it as our "insanity break".

From 8 this morning to 9:30 this evening, when I left him with Kim taking the army cot, he experienced the best day yet.  Very little pain, next to no nausea and mini-escapes to the great outside throughout the day.  And then....Kim arrived from the airport with hugs and laughter and kisses and gifts of cards and gift cards and wrapped presents and a gorgeous quilt to sleep under.  We laughed until we cried.  
Jordan was so blown away by the first 2 gifts that he decided to savor the others and just open a couple a day.  Let's see if he has the self-control tomorrow :-)  
Thank you everyone for praying.  That means absolutely the most.  I was reminded by a friend today of my life passage:
"I will trust in the Lord with all my heart and lean not on my own understanding.  In all my ways I will acknowledge Him and He WILL direct my path."  
Funny....moments before Jordan asked me "How can I actively trust God - what does that look like?"   
I am humbled by your kindnesses and your remembering of us.  God is so good through you all.
I'm banished to Ronald McDonald House for a full night sleep by my huz.  
Good night.  Bless you.

Joy in the Rain

Some of you may want some details - so while we are agreeing on Plan A, the doctors also have a plan: 10 weeks of chemo - one week on, two weeks off rotation. Then more scans and surgery to remove main tumor. Then more chemo.

Today was the best so far. Jordan was up for 9 hours. eating, building, talking, joking, watching movies. He went outside in his wheelchair and loved the rain (it is Vancouver). Darlene wheeled him down to a coffee shop on the first floor and they enjoyed a hot chocolate.

Darlene and I went to Ronald’s house to wash Jordan’s favorite blanket while my niece and nephew enjoyed Star Wars with Jordan, peaked at a one bedroom basement suite, picked up some yummy Thai food, acted normal for a bit and held hands.

Jordan and Darlene opened some gifts today. What a joy to feel so tangibly loved.
I got my first hug from them in 5 days. mmm
Darlene is off to Ronald’s house to get some much needed sleep and I get to hang out with Jordan tonight.
Your love and prayers are tangible. Thank you.

Thursday, 19 January 2012

Step Back

Darlene: I'm soo encouraged when someone gets Plan A and shares testimonies. We overcome by the blood of the Lamb and the word of our testimony.

Today just stunk and Jordan was soo weary and scared and nauseous and yet still uncomplaining. We received good news that we could leave the hospital tomorrow followed by bad that we can't. If I have to be stuck in a 12 X 12 room for days on end with a teenager, I choose Jordan.

Kim: I attempted to return to work this week thinking that the roughest part was over and that Jordan would be recovering from the chemo. That wasn’t the case. He threw up many times last night and they have reconnected the IV to get more fluids into him and try to reduce the nausea. Using the crutches is amazingly painful for Jordan and his strength is gone.

So, I’m taking the rest of the month off work and cancelling all my workshops and coaching and heading back down to Vancouver tomorrow. Darlene has not been able to work at all either. So, on many levels, it feels like a step backwards.

Here is what we would like you to pray for:
that as we are taking this step backwards, we step back into Jesus – into His goodness, into His truth, into His Word, into His love and into His power. I sense His compassion as we groan. We are so thankful that we have a High Priest who sympathizes with us in our weaknesses.

Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Jesus Is Right

We are so glad that the mercy of God is new every morning. And Jesus was right; each day has enough trouble of its own. But He was also right when He said that we were to take heart, He had overcome the world. We are counting on it!
Jordan is slowly improving. He is using a few stairs on his new crutches. The IV has been disconnected. He is eating more. He is working on his fourth lego set (built from a hospital bed). He wants to be done and just come home. They might let him move to the Ronald McDonald House nearby (oddly, Ronald was nowhere to be seen). He is still very tired. Please agree with us on this verse for Jordan: Romans 15:13 May the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace as you trust in him, so that you may overflow with hope by the power of the Holy Spirit.
And as you agree on that, remember that we are agreeing on Plan A.
As for Darlene and I, nights are not easy. It’s harder to take each though captive then. We should have more friends in England – they pray for us when we are asleep.
Your love and support mean the world to us. Thank you for taking us to Jesus when we have trouble finding our way.

Sunday, 15 January 2012

Plan A

Jordan has completed this round of chemo. It was not easy, but overall, he is doing well in the situation. His two main requests are: "Can I have a drink of water please and Please pray for me."

We feel carried. We know we don't cry alone or pray alone or get angry alone. A nurse asked me (Kim) how I was doing today. I said that I had a lot of gratitude, amazing peace and incredible anger. He didn't ask for clarity, but I'm angry at the enemy that would do this to people.

We said that Plan A was agreeing for the complete healing of Jordan. Plan A is not over. Plan A is still our main focus. We would like to add to Plan A. Her name is Lilee Jean. She is 1. She is next door in room 8 and has an inoperable brain tumor. And it's not right. Please add  her to Plan A - full and complete healing in Jesus name for Lilee Jean. Her Aunt came and sang a song to her yesterday, a song she wrote about how Jesus loves to heal. There is a name above cancer - Jesus.

Friday, 13 January 2012

Turning a Corner

What a difference a day makes. Jordan has had a good day. Lots of sleep, plenty of building Lego and even found his sense of humor. The verse we have been agreeing on today is Mark 16:17 And these signs will accompany those who believe: In my name they will drive out demons; they will speak in new tongues; 18 they will pick up snakes with their hands; and when they drink deadly poison, it will not hurt them at all; they will place their hands on sick people, and they will get well.

Since we don’t have any snakes in the room, we are agreeing that this chemo – or poison with a purpose – would not hurt or harm Jordan. We are laying hands on him, speaking healing and wholeness. We are very thankful for you and your prayers. Your love has been tangible and we praise God for it.

Want to send a card?

Hi All,
This is Cheryl Molenaar. I've been blessed to able to be here in Vancouver with the Unrau's for the next few days. They are being real troopers and handling things as best as could be expected. The outpouring of love and prayers from you has already been like a wave of healing comfort.

Many of you would like to send cards to Jordan.

Here is the address by which you can do that:

BC Children's Hospital
2B Oncology
Attention Jordan Unrau
4480 Oak Street, 
Vancouver BC. V6H 3V4

Thanks for supporting them well.

Next Step

Wow! While yesterday was stinky, today was better. Thank you God for sunshine in Vancouver and fun staff and wonderful friends who bring Lego and Star Wars posters and encouraging emails and God’s people praying. Even though I was so hurt by what looked like God’s inaction last night, He was here for us all this morning. Watching Jordan struggle with God is THE WORST. Questions like, “Why would an all-powerful God, not do something when He can and He loves me?” I don’t know because all my theological training doesn’t matter two hoots right now. I don’t know.

And yet, a week ago, I felt God tell me that I could look through Scripture and find every godly man struggle with being disappointed with Him. Yuck!

The chemo has just started…oh to avoid pouring this poison through his veins. So we’re agreeing the oil of Holy Spirit throughout Jordan’s body…Jesus’ blood covering Him. So NO Pain and No Nausea….and Healing. Disappearance of the tumors and healing of Jordan’s bones.

- - Darlene

Thursday, 12 January 2012

Hard Day

Yesterday the doctors thought we may not get the results until Friday so thought we may want to go home for the weekened....yahoo! A few hours later, they said that the results had come in and that the original diagnosis had been accurate. They admitted him today and will get started on chemo tomorrow. The loss is hitting Jordan big time. He is processing and doesn't want to hear the happy outcomes from the nurses or the great stories of others like him. Fair enough. They are probably meant for us as parents.
And then the afternoon we ask a nurse the average first time out-of-town stay for chemo and she says up to 5 weeks. The air was sucked out of the room.
And then we say the room - sterile, tiny and old. Oh my - such a change from the cheerful, beautifully decorated clinic we'd been in. And I (Darlene ) am a bit claustrophobic.....oh Jesus....seriously?
We choose to thank God and then all burst into tears. So grateful for a private room. God is good. The staff is wonderful.
So the good parts are hard to find today, but God is good, even when it is difficult.
We rehearse the truth and are living in the facts. Thank you so much for standing with us.

Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Counting on God

It’s been a roller coaster of emotion today. More tests and blood work. The results of the biopsy don’t come till tomorrow or Friday, but the doctor says that it looks like his original diagnosis is accurate. So, they may want to start him on chemo tomorrow or Friday. So, that is not what we wanted to hear. In a book that we are reading, a lady is contending for the healing of her child (doctors say that there is no cure). It says that “she didn’t deny the facts, she simply believed that the Truth would change them”. That’s where we are at. Thank you for joining us in agreement.

Jordan had pain from the three incisions of the biopsy, but slept well last night and is doing better today.
Darlene is watching the movie UP with Jordan during his radio-active kidney scan. Never thought we'd say that!

Sunday, 8 January 2012

Rumors of Tumors

On January 2, we took Jordan to the hospital to get some insight as to why he was experiencing leg pain. For those of you who have not seen Jordan lately, he has grown over 4 inches in the past 6 months. He is a very tall, handsome and extremely intelligent and sensitive young man.

The results of those tests were serious enough that he was referred to the top paediatric orthopaedic surgeons at Children's Hospital in Vancouver.

Dr. Ken Brown (Bone specialist ) said that he is pretty confident that Jordan has a malignant form of bone cancer in his right femur (upper leg) called Osteogenic Sarcoma. Sarcoma means a tumor that starts in bone, muscle or connective tissue. It usually develops during the period of rapid growth that occurs in adolescence, as a teenager matures into an adult. This cancer occurs most commonly in larger bones and in the area of bone with the fastest growth rate.

After various MRIs and other scans the doctors have discovered that Jordan has four more tumors – three in Jordan’s spine and one on his upper arm. As well as the one in his right upper leg, that is a total of 5 tumors. The one in his right leg is the largest and is growing from inside the bone and out through the bone, in a ”sunburst” like appearance. This is the doctor’s report so far.

We are headed back to Vancouver on Tuesday January 10th. The plan is to have a biopsy done to confirm the diagnosis and to plan further treatment. Doctors have also requested that Jordan have a minor surgery to place tubes in his artery in order to be able to administer chemotherapy. This is the report thus far.

Here is what we know to be true:

While we share the facts about what the doctors have said, we are standing on the truth. God is the kindest person we have ever known. He is good and powerful.

These recent events make no sense to us, but in the midst of the storm, all we can do is get as close as we can to Jesus and ride it out. Meanwhile, we are speaking to the waves and the wind - along with that mass in Jordan's knee. Go!

Please rise up with us in faith and love. We are asking for His Kingdom - His rule and reign - on earth, in Jordan's body, as it is in heaven.

We are speaking and walking with the authority that Jesus gave us. We are commanding this tumor to go in His name. We are fixing our eyes on Jesus. We don’t have to make a decision about how to move forward until after the biopsy.

Therefore, please agree with us that the truth of His love and power would manifest in healing

We are asking for a miracle of healing.

So now what?

We have spent a lot of time asking Jesus what posture He wants us to have in this. We are clear on one mandate right now. For the next week, our mandate is to focus on complete healing for Jordan. We have a "how to pray document" outlining how we would like you to agree with us in prayer. In order to line up fully with our focus of complete healing, we feel that we are not to focus on the "what if" path. We feel that God's "Plan A" for Jordan is complete healing and a disappearance of all tumors. In order to keep our hearts and minds in agreement, we are disciplining ourselves to not focus on any "Plan B" thoughts or action steps. Clarity of and a single focus is really important to us for this next week.

We ask that you would join us in agreement for this divine mandate and plan. After the biopsy results come in next Thursday, we will respond accordingly then. 

How can I help?
  1. Unite with us in this prayer of agreement for Jordan’s complete healing. 
  2. Many have asked how they can help meet the very “practical” needs that have arisen due to this storm we are facing. To find out ways that you can support the Unraus through practical means, please contact Cheryl Molenaar You can find out more by clicking the link on the right side bar or right here where it says: How Can I Help? 
  3. Keep following this blog. You can receive email updates every time we post on the blog by clicking on the "follow by email" link on the sidebar to the right. 
  4. Please pray for Matthew and Joel (Jordan's brother's) who are at school in Saskatchewan. Please also pray for Darlene's mom who is facing knee surgery on January 9th.

God is good. All the time. Especially now.