Saturday, 30 August 2014


From Kim
It’s been a while since we have posted anything on this blog. It’s not for lack of interest or events or desire. In 2012, this blog was started to inform people of our journey with Jordan. In 2013, we continued to inform you of what life was like after our loss and Jordan’s promotion to Paradise. Now we are coming to fall 2014 and it feels like we are not quite sure what to do with this. Here is an assumption that we are going to work with; you signed up to receive our blog or are checking in because you want to know how we are walking out the journey.. o, we are going to continue to write about our process. If you want to unsubscribe, there should be a link at the bottom of the email you get. We won’t know if you do unsubscribe, so don’t worry about us being offended.

Update: I often say that I’m surprised by how well Darlene and the guys are doing. I find her to be more filled with life and love and risk and faith and hope and clarity and creativity than ever before. Her journey with Jesus is a beautiful thing to behold. She still grieves from time to time, but she doesn’t carry it. It just visits her now and then. She cares for others deeply and laughs really loudly. She loves what she does presenting healthy relationship and sexuality seminars to high school and college students, as well as youth influencers like parents and educators.  She has spent the summer writing and boating and resting and laughing in Victoria, Dallas and Kelowna.

Joel and Matthew are men worthy of honour. They have walked through the chaos with integrity and grit. They are asking all the hard questions, not settling for easy answers and just finished up their summer: Matt as painter and Joel as a roofer. We just settled Joel back into his last year of his education degree with a bachelors of arts and a bachelor of science.  Matthew is connecting with different kingdom business people with the desire to go overseas and make a difference in lives through that business and through discipleship and church planting. His business degree will come in handy through this process.

In talking with a parent who had watched their child suffer and die, we came to an analogy for us that worked. Grief can be like a wave that crashes over us when we’re not looking, knocking us over but passing to allow us to regain our footing and continue enjoying the ocean. Or grief can be like a boulder that we carry in our arms, struggling through every step and barely able to even see past. Jesus is so kind to carry our grief, which means we don’t have to carry that boulder. And when the rogue wave hits, He is there to help us to our feet.  What a King!