Wednesday, 3 September 2014


Having Matthew and Joel close again this summer was such a joy! It’s strange though to transition back and forth from empty nest to a full, boisterous, fridge-emptying house.  Having sons somehow came with an expectation for me to send them off into the world.  I just wasn’t prepared to being “just the two of us” so soon.  
Our Gatherings have made the adjustment palpable for me.  Often the four of us able to connect once a week via Skype to be the church.  The format we follow is from Corinthians instructing us to each bring something to edify the body (1 Corinthians 14:26).  Somehow I end up tearing up at some point in our time together.  Whether it is when one of the guys share: something they’re hearing from Father for themselves of one of us, a song, a question, a passage of Scripture or a request for prayer, time seems to stand still. Frequently we find what we bring overlaps with another, creating a kind of underlining of what Jesus is saying.  
Jordan was the one who wanted to begin this gathering when he began to lose interest in church services.  His frustration stemmed from having to spectate for hours when he wanted to participate. The only sermons he wanted to sit in on were his Dad’s. :-) He felt badly for squirming and distracting others.  I think he was on to something.  And throughout his illness, we would gather as a family, even when the guys were at a distance.  I think one of my favourite moments was when I asked our family to each draw an image of where they saw their journey with God. Joel is the only real artist but somehow we were able to communicate what was inside.  
Jordan’s drawing was that of a fortress - where he was inside and the enemy was outside.  He explained to us that the fort was God and he was hidden inside Him. I so miss his perspective and influence.  What an honour to be his mother.

Darlene's Mom with us in Victoria