Thursday, 11 September 2014

Debt of Love

We owe Curry Blake, his family and all the long distance believers, who prayed with Jordan over the phone, a debt of love we can never repay.  In Texas, this summer, Kim and I were able to thank most of them in person.

Right in the moment of our greatest need as a family, we received the gift of solid teaching on healing.  My introduction to John G. Lake Ministries came in the children’s cancer ward on a fold out bed in the darkened corner of Jordan’s room with the hum of machines and the poison chemo drip in his chest.  With one earbud in to hear the DHT Training on YouTube and one earbud out to hear any possible whispers, I listened with tears streaming down my cheeks.  

My religious traditions and mindsets were systematically debunked.  I fell in love with the Bible all over again. We were given weapons to fight with - a mindset that withstood and overcame torment, confusion and despair. Although we didn’t ask Jordan to listen to the teachings, he overheard us discussing them and the truth resonated with his spirit. He, along with our family, became convinced by Scripture that God was not the author of his sickness; he was not being punished or tempted or disciplined.  He hated sickness and had no tolerance for it - especially in others. The fact that Jordan was able to do miraculous healings when he prayed for others totally jazzed him.

Being in a family of all boys, my son was really comfortable with the paradigm of being at war.  Scripture became the sword in his hand. He trained his friends how to pray.  He had no patience for pleading with or begging God.  Jordan was already convinced by the life and commands of Christ that healing is God’s will. “If we don't quit, we win” became his battle cry.

He didn’t quit.  He won. Jordan entered heaven a warrior, not a victim.