Friday, 1 June 2012

Tattered Flag

Well, we have returned from Texas. While we had many moments of tangible love (thanks Bill, Jen and kids) and we received powerful and faith filled prayer from the team there, the evidence of the healing Jesus paid for eludes us. We don't understand and at certain times, our faith is in tatters. But we piece together the scraps that remain and raise the flag proclaiming that we believe God is good and has provided all we need for life and healing through the finished work of Christ.  So coming home was very mixed for us all.

Thankfully after meeting with our paediatrician today, Jordan’s pain seems under control with his meds being more than doubled again. For the last few days it was as if we had an unwelcome visitor controlling every moment.  Just last Saturday, Jordan had 10 hours free from pain with no meds.  We were so excited... but before we could share it on the blog, the pain returned with a vengeance.  It felt like a cruel joke and put us all in a tough place.

Jordan and Darlene enjoying a moment

They say we start looking like our pets