Monday, 11 June 2012


Well, somebody must be reading these blogs - over 53,000 page views (although we think that the grandparents must account for about 20,000 of these).

Here's the latest from Darlene:
When I'm fresh out of knowing how to love or comfort, I find myself rubbing Jordan's head, scratching his back or massaging his hands or feet with lotion.  All my sons have loved having their heads or backs scratched...even in the oddest public places. Sometimes they just tip their heads toward me, give me those longing looks and I know what they would like from their mom.

Food is another HUGE way of loving in our family.  And right now it is a struggle.  Since we returned home from Texas, in an effort to minimize the leg pain, we've tried to stay away from sugar/white flour....since sugar goes straight to the tumor and results in increased pain.  So what happens to some of the favourite ways to treat Jordan?  In addition to his struggle now, he is missing out on many normal treats.  Jordan has been such a great sport about it but it is still a frustration.

Thus the increase in hands on touch

And from Kim:
After being a leader in the traditional church for 25 years, one of my most common questions is, “What does our Kingdom community supposed to look like?” We have been dreaming about a network of House or Simple churches for a few years now and it still captures my heart. As that comes into view, we have really been enjoying 1 Cor. 14:26 and what it has to say about the regular gathering of believers. In light of the invitation for everyone to bring something to encourage other believers, we have created a list of 29 options of what to bring. We have been enjoying this type of gathering in our home for two years or more. Yesterday morning, Jordan asked for the list. Each of us brought something and there were many tears and smiles.
Joel brought James 1:2 and invited each of us to share 2 small things that bring us joy and one big thing.
Here’s what was shared:
Joel: a. the way Tucker rubs his face with his paws. b. overhearing Jordan having great conversations with his friends during the party Saturday night and c. that Mom and Dad are together and doing well - brings family security.
Kim: a. that when he enters contact information on gmail, it automatically shows up on his iphone. b. when he presses the gas pedal on the car, the hemi goes fast and c. Father has shown provision during the past 5 months of not working.
Darlene: a. Jordan is being such a good sport about what he is eating. b. Joel often asks about how he can help and c. people keep kindly sending reminders that we are not alone and that they are praying, some day and night. They still have faith.
Jordan: a. racing with his remote control car. b. playing battles with lego and c. that he still has his leg (the doctors strongly recommend to amputate).