Tuesday, 26 June 2012

What's New

In the midst of drama and intensity, I treasure the moments where Jordan's personality can shine through.  After dear friends brought over a delicious, homemade treat this evening, Jordan requested they pray over him before leaving.  Shari touched Jordan's hair and commented how soft it was and apologized because she was supposed to be praying.  Jordan's response to her apology?  "It's okay, it's new." 
I asked him why he asked for prayer.  He said, "I just never know when it's going to happen...when I will see my healing." 

Kim flies out tomorrow until Sunday morning for a conference he was asked to speak at months ago.  He didn't seem to have intention of going until Monday when I encouraged him to go without us.  3 reasons:  Jordan hates that our lives have come to a seeming standstill, it is an atmosphere of faith and it is a mental break.  Joel will be my caregiving partner until he takes his bus to his summer job, Saturday morning.   

In order to minimize the pain, we have begun the first of 10 radiation sessions.  Not fun for Jordan to renter the medical environment.   And that's all the new news.