Friday, 11 January 2013

Making Our Way

Sometimes I can almost feel the cloud of witnesses watching me and wondering aloud what I will choose.  It seems right now that my life is about me and my family just trying to recover from the devastation of having lost our youngest son in a battle we were caught unawares in.  We were thrown into the deep end and had to learn (or find others to teach us) how to swim.  We had our focus - our mission was clear.  Now, as we walked, Matthew turned to me and said that right now, we all are learning how to live without Jordan.  Making our way as a family of four.
At Disney thanks to Amber and her friends, Jeff and TM

Matthew and Joel flew back to school this morning to prepare for their next semester.  Kim and I will stay on 2 more weeks and then return to?  The boys were returning to a blizzard in Saskatchewan.  Other than a no-swim flag on our beach due to the surging waves, it's still pretty sunny and beautiful. :-)

I have yet to encounter one stranger who declines prayer for their obvious ailments.  Several have wanted to tell me a bit about their story and many have profusely thanked me.  I still usually initially hesitate - so much easier to spectate than to participate in His kingdom coming and His will being done.