Wednesday, 30 January 2013

So Loved

Kim is loving me so well.  Sometimes I wonder how many times he has listened to me saying the exact same thing...he is so patient with my processing the sorrow and sometimes confusion. Last night he invited me on a sunset walk down the beach and presented me with a box of chocolate covered strawberries. J 
There have been stretches of quiet, a bit of adventure, beach walks, meals with friends, and rest.  And Jordan is everywhere: he swam in the pool, slept on the hideabed,  built Lego with the kids, played in the sand and surf, ate sliders at the Cheesecake Factory.  The things we discuss he would have had things to contribute:  how to comfort those hurting, commanding sickness to leave people's bodies, protecting and preparing your heart for your future spouse.  This is probably the place on earth where Kim and I have had the most consistent opportunity to speak on Radical Relationships.  Every two years, for the past ten years, our friends who head up a weekly academic home school community, would fly our family down to help parents, teens, educators, and youth leaders get on the same page regarding healthy relationships - with the same and opposite gender.  Many of the young people that were in those discussions are now marrying with the joy of not having a trail of painful relationships in their wake.  This is a group friends who are supporting each other through both wonderful and painful experiences.

Tonight is one of the painful ones.  They are holding a celebration service for their beloved drama teacher/friend/ mother who went to heaven Thursday evening after standing firm in faith against cancer.  Kim, Matt, Joel and I had the opportunity to pray for her Christmas Eve.  Sherry had been reading this blog and faithfully praying for Jordan all year.  It has been almost surreal at times as we have walked alongside our friends who were part of the caregiving team and her two sons who loved Sherry so well.  I can't help but imagine Jordan putting his hands on her shoulder and with his animated face telling her how well she walked her faith in Father out - right to the end of her time here on earth.  I keep thinking a loss like this "should" make us just weary and give up on our inheritance but it seems to fuel both Kim and me.  If just one person can experience the Father’s love through salvation from unnecessary suffering because we obeyed, then we keep living by what we know, not what we feel.

For our last afternoon here, we are attending the theatre production of Mary Poppins...thank you Chris and Liz. Early tomorrow morning we fly home to open the next chapter.