Sunday, 1 July 2012

Who Knew?

All of a sudden yesterday afternoon we noticed that Goob's tentacles were turning black and shrinking. And then hours later, he returned to his normal, lovely self.  Thanks to the internet we have determined that he was either stressed or a bit constipated....seriously. Who knew that sea anemones could become stressed?

Kim is home after a great trip to Dallas. It was interesting for him to be preaching and ministering in the midst of the most significant battle we have ever been in. But we don’t want the enemy to determine what we do. Jesus alone determines that.  Joel is almost at his camp in Saskatchewan - Matthew is so excited to have his brother join him. They used to argue a fair bit as kids so it’s amazing to see them consider each other as best friends.  Jordan and I were kept company by friends and family while Kim was gone.  We spent yesterday afternoon in the sunshine praying, reading and enjoying Tucker.  It has been touchy with the pain that comes and goes. From Jordan's perspective, praying out loud for someone in their presence makes such a difference.  He loves it even over the phone…

Our paper boy came by.  He had been an elementary school friend of Jordan's and had enquired earlier as to how things were going.  I felt for him as he obviously cared but had no idea what to say.  Who does?  When people tell me they don't know what to say...I tell them that I don't know either.  How can it be 6 months and I still awaken surprised that my youngest son is not whole?
It is unimaginable.  And we are surrounded by such love and support.  How can others make it without?