Saturday, 2 February 2013

Faith Muscles

I've been amazed by the number of people who have approached me, some whom I have never met, to tell me now Jordan's faith has impacted them.  One friend put It this way, “In January, I had little faith for healing and now, a year later, my faith is much bigger. Even though our prayers didn't bring about our hoped for result, I exercised my faith muscles and now they are stronger than before."
I'm so grateful for that.

Looks like on Monday we will list our home.  It makes sense.  For a few months in 2011 we tried to sell it in order to downsize.  And now we really are rattling around in a house meant for many more than the two of us.  It's probably in the best shape it's ever been in, especially after the beautiful job of the restoration crew on our guest bath and basement foyer.  I've been told that's always the way it looks best before you leave :-).  So many memories throughout the house - and mostly wonderful ones .  I've told Kim that I would like to take a video diary in every room and talk about our favourite memories that took place there.

I know we took a lot of pictures/videos but now 10 times that amount would feel just right.  Yesterday Kim came upon video and pics from our time in early 2011 in Florida with Jordan.  He LOVED the ocean and the pool.  And I loved seeing his strong body exulting in its freedom. Thought we'd share it with you.  

What can Jordan do now in heaven with his brand new body that can't get hurt or tired and doesn't have limitations?  I miss that boy!