Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Back to School

This weekend has been well worth the drive.  It has been incredible to meet the students and staff at Briercrest College who have walked this journey with us. This school is our Alma Mater where we met each other. I am so grateful for their support to Matt and Joel.  For some, the walk in believing for a miraculous healing was new, for others agreeing for resurrection was new, as it was for us.  How did I miss it all those years?  How did I get away with reading the Bible like a history/devotional book?  I now can recall believers through the years who suggested that Jesus really meant it when He told us we were to do what He did and even greater things.  Looking back, I remember feeling uncomfortable with them, and generally defensive, as if somehow they were implying I was missing something....something really important.  Whatever was blinding me is gone and I so don't ever want to come across as knowing it all or having everything figured out.  Quite the opposite, I'm discovering how much I have yet to learn and experience.  Pretty exciting really.

Friday was Matthew's birthday so we headed into Regina for Indian Curry, to shop for jeans and a jacket, to catch a movie and pick up a mystery package at the airport.  Both Matt and Joel were stunned to discover the package was their Grammy who flew in from Kelowna to surprise them.  She stayed next door to us in the campus inn.

Saturday  morning, while my mom and I were eating breakfast in the room provided, I noticed a basketball player from a visiting team we had watched in the finals the night before. He was hobbling and had only one shoe on.  As he was leaving, I asked him if he was injured from the game.  When he told me that he had rolled his ankle, I asked him if I could pray for him and he replied "Sure!" and promptly sat down. Why am I still surprised when people agree to be prayed for?  So I followed Jordan's model and commanded the leg/foot to be healed and prayed that Benny would know the love of Jesus.  My mom was so great.  Rather than be embarrassed of me, she was encouraging. A few hours later, we watched Benny play full out, no sign of any injury and afterwards, Fred, a great player who is a natural evangelist on our college's team, went over to share Jesus with him.  What a setup!  Yeah God! Makes me want to follow Fred around too and see how he so quickly and easily brings Jesus into every conversation with strangers.

Matthew and Joel setup times for us to meet with and enjoy their friends, finding out about them and letting them ask all the questions they wanted about our journey. From Boston Pizza, to coffee shops, to hockey and basketball games, cafeteria meals and movies, we were kept pretty busy.  An opportunity was given for us on Monday afternoon to share with a senior theology class for an hour and a half. It was amazing and the first time we had tag-teamed with such a large group since Jordan's  celebration service.  Matt and Joel were so supportive and interjected when they had something to add.  It is such a gift to walk through this as a family.

I loved the way Kim described our sons to an old classmate who inquired about them. He wasn't aware of all that had transpired this last year.. Kim told him that we have three sons (two this friend knew). But the youngest, Kim explained, has surpassed us all. “Jordan is the most holy of all of us. He walks in incredible peace, knows Jesus more than all of us put together, and is amazingly creative.” In response to a curious expression,  Kim told him that Jordan went to be with Jesus in November.  Even today I found myself wondering what Jordan is up to.

And now we are flying out to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico with our old (not that they’re old) friends Dean and Janine.  They and friends from their church are treating us to a week.  So wonderful!  How grateful we are!