Monday, 25 February 2013


As I wandered around Jordan's room to take in the things he enjoyed so much, I found myself smiling.  He wants none of these books, games, sports equipment in heaven. He left them behind in the same way he grew up and no longer wanted his soother.  Jordan loved his soothers so much as a toddler that he was known to stuff two at a time into his mouth. :-)
How many things down here that I have fretted about will be like soothers left behind.

Kim is in Dallas teaching at John G. Lake Ministries school while I am heading back to work.  The Pregnancy Centre has been soo supportive; the the hours and schedule are flexible. The staff and volunteers understand grief and so it is a very safe place for me. I walked into my office this morning only to find Happy Birthday banners everywhere (my birthday isn't until Tuesday but I've always thought birthdays should last at least a week) and a beautiful glider rocking chair that I had admired at our staff/board party earlier this month.  Made me tear up right off :-)  When I told Kim on the phone this morning, it only substantiated his belief that when I tell someone how much I love what they're wearing or something in their home, that down deep, I really just want it. :-)  Great!  So now when I give a compliment, I have to give a qualifier.  Really, generosity is so incredible!

For the next few days, I am sleeping over at my mom's place - it keeps my house clean for showings (my mom says I can mess up hers :-) and keeps me from missing Kim too much.  We have been together pretty much non-stop this last year so being apart is strange.  I am excited for him in that after his morning teachings, he hopes to join students and staff as they take kingdom to the streets, malls and homes.  We so want to get beyond "hit and miss" healings.  We desire to see consistent displays of the kingdom to point those that don't know - haven't heard, to Jesus.
In a Christmas letter we received this year, a friend wrote of involvement in a Nativity production in the States that drew many.  They were shocked to discover that over half of the attendees had never heard the "Christmas Story".  Here in North America so many people don't know. And people are the only "things" we can take to heaven.