Saturday, 19 May 2012

2000 Year Old Words

Recently Kim was asked by his sister, Kathy what God is saying to him in all this.  His response was interesting to me as it echoes my own.  He said that during this time he needs words that are older than 10 minutes.  That has surprised even us since a big part of life in the last decades have been conversing with God - testing what we hear and leaning into His words.

Yet Scripture is where we sink our teeth and rest our head and wrestle.  I have read more of the Bible in the last months than I remember in years.  I needed to know if this can possibly be God's will.  If it is, then I submit, even if I don't understand.  If it is not His will, then I will take the authority He has given me and fight.  Even when I rest.

Jordan asked us to measure his lower thigh.  It has grown.  Not really a surprise since it has been hot and hurting for a week now. So will I live by faith or sight?  I have been teary these last days and the "what ifs" seem as certain as when the doctor's predicted them.  And yet, there is a difference between what is real and what is true.  Scripture is true.  God's power and faithfulness is true.  And the miracles I and my family have witnessed are true. And this disease is not His will!