Monday, 7 May 2012


Amazing! We are on the third day of our cruise and this is turning out to be one our best times away as a family. But it didn’t start out great. Darlene, Matthew and Joel’s flight from LA to Honolulu was cancelled for maintenance reasons (after waiting in the terminal for 10 hours). So, they flew to Maui instead and missed the first night of the cruise. Phewy. We found each other the next day and have thoroughly enjoyed each other and Hawaii.

Today, we went snorkelling and found a turtle (see pic with unnamed young man nearly touching it) and hundreds of beautiful fish. It was the best snorkelling the boys have ever seen. The weather, the food and the company are perfect. We have seen more rainbows in one day than we have ever seen. We are so thankful. Darlene and I have often commented how this feels a million miles away from the hospital room. And then we smile. And then we are thankful. Last week in California felt like nourishment for our spirit. This week, our bodies and souls are getting filled. Up. Thank you Jesus!