Thursday, 10 May 2012


I’m up early, as usual with the time change, and don’t mind it a bit.  The views from our balcony are stunning.  A personal tour of the bridge by the Captain and a helicopter ride over Waimea Canyon – place Jurassic Park was filmed are on the itinerary for the day in Kauai.  I awoke with “Be anxious for nothing… but in everything by prayer and supplication, make your requests known unto God.”  Yesterday Jordan’s joy was almost lost in his increased discomfort from his right leg and the ensuing discouragement.    It is easy to go to the worst case scenario and in the middle of this wonderful gift of a family vacation to paradise, there is still the potential to have our peace stolen.

I’m still in awe of the fact that a little over a month ago I asked Father for our family vacation to be restored.  What a restoration! Yesterday we moored in Kona and snorkelled in what felt like an aquarium.  The fish were so varied, plentiful and close.  Too close for Jordan’s comfort.  One bit his toe!  Stunning coral and warm water on a volcanic beach.  We are renting a van every day instead of taking excursions.  Besides the cost of them, they are restricting.  When Jordan has the energy, we stay longer.  When he is done, so are we. 

The staff on board are so attentive to Jordan.  He has received hugs and he doesn’t mind.  Every night there are new towel animals on his bed or hanging from a plant (monkey).  Chocolate covered strawberries arrived as a gift before dinner one night.  There have been binoculars, mugs, pins and hats.  Several mornings he has ordered and eaten two breakfasts.  One usually includes a little filet mignon…..seriously.  How am I going to cook for him after this?

The memories Jordan is making with his older brothers are amazing:  Rolling in the surf, creating giant sand castles, raiding the diner for soft serve and enjoying a comedic show with audience involvement.  Tim, the comedian was an instructor for Second City and one of his trademarks is a clean act….nice!  He held a class in improve last night and had Joel as part of the event.  Tim invited Jordan, but he felt too unsure with his cane.  I just wanted to chuck it overboard.  Enough already.

Oh and a scale is conveniently placed in our bathroom.  Jordan is now touching 110 pounds.  We won’t include our weights. J