Monday, 14 May 2012

What a Trip!

When we last met with Jordan's doctors in Vancouver, they ensured that we were loaded up on narcotics for our trip, along with a note granting permission to be carrying such powerful drugs.  Until our flight home Saturday evening, there was no need to even crack the zip-locked bag that I had stashed away out of sight.  It wasn't even unpacked to that point.

Jordan was loath to consider taking anything. What a battle inside we are all waging.  To cap off Mother's Day we went to see the superhero movie The Avengers. I am the mother of 3 sons after all and therefore heavily influenced :-). It was so strange to catch myself praying throughout. Even though I knew these heroes couldn't lose, I felt their vulnerability.  Christ in me.  Christ in us.  With all the authority that has been given to Him and He has given to us, why did Jordan require another pain pill?  I don't get it.  I know what is true, and then there is my life experience.
Kim is finished putting together some pics to share on the blog (see below).  Amazing to me how each image captured brings a rush of emotion. The full gamut too...we had tears from both laughter and pain.  Even on the midnight flight to Kelowna, Kim and Joel feigned wide-eyes interest in the stewardess' instruction on exits, seat buckles, etc until Jordan and I were snorting.  They had the pamphlet upside down.  The flight attendant, of course, giggled throughout.

Just click on this links below and watch the movies. They are large files and you will need a free Quick Time movie player to view them. 
California Pictures
Hawaii Pictures