Thursday, 17 May 2012

The Receiving End

God's kindness and watchful caring surround us.  We returned to a clean home, a freshly made quiche in the fridge and a mown lawn thanks to some wonderful people.  Tucker as always has loved his time at the spa (our aunt's retirement resort) and is consistently available for hugs, scratches and walks.

Having Joel home is such a gift.  His quick and ready response with helping, humor or caring just holds our arms up.  His attentiveness to his baby brother's needs literally warms my aching heart.

Jordan was so looking forward to coming home.  With his body now requiring pain meds, his focus has moved back to getting healed.  We had initially hoped to head to the John G Lake healing centre near Dallas, TX after the cruise but Jordan really wanted to be home.  So now that he is ready, we've used the last of our points to schedule a flight on Monday for a week or more.  Wonderful friends have already found us a car to use.  We've been given so is humbling to be so well loved.

I like the giving part of life.  Being in a place to truly need - prayer, healing, support, and understanding is soo strange.  I don't know what to do with it all.  Weep usually