Sunday, 4 November 2012

Jordan Bringing Joy

Darlene writes nearly all of these posts. But today, it’s my turn. 

Jordan’s relationship with Jesus has gone through a dramatic shift in the last month. Previously, he was calling on Jesus to heal, save and deliver. He is still doing that. But he is spending more time remaining in His love and fixing his eyes on Jesus.
This morning, while soaking in the hot tub, Jordan’s pain was quite high. And the hot tub has been one place to find relief.  So he asks me for help to fix his eyes on Jesus. Our first question to Jesus was “What was one of Your favourite days on earth?” Jesus responded that he loved the day that Lazarus was raised from the dead. When we asked why, Jordan heard Jesus speak to his spirit, “It was fun to see the Pharisees think that this one would be too hard for me and then see Lazarus come out of the tomb”. We then asked Jesus what happens in his heart when we choose to trust Him. Jordan saw and heard Jesus do a little dance while singing, “You did it, you did it.  You’re doing it”. There was such joy. We spent some time overwhelmed by our excitement in bringing Jesus joy. There is no experience on this earth higher than bringing Jesus joy. For this we were made. I wept. We went to John 15 - Remain in me and let my words remain in you. Remain in my love, then you can ask for anything and I will give it to you.  We got good at the second part, now we are really enjoying the first part. Jordan is freely receiving like he has never received before. He is wallowing in Jesus’ love.  I often catch him spending a lot of time fixing his eyes on Jesus and interacting with him in conversations and visions. He can’t seem to get enough of good worship that reminds him of the truth of who Jesus is and who we are in Christ.
Not all moments are this brilliant. Just thought I’d share the blazing light of this one.

On a side note:  Realized that we haven’t let you all know that Jordan is now sleeping on the first floor on a hospital bed.  Moving from den to family room and back is his daily challenge... He hasn’t left the house since last Sunday’s radiation. And we have met 2 possible nurses to help out in our home.  They are both wonderful.  Hard to believe we’re at this stage.