Saturday, 17 November 2012

Stand Firm and Rest

We are not alone in our stand for healing and wholeness. In the last few days, Jordan has heard people from Texas, Florida, BC, Iowa, North Dakota, Washington, Alaska, Michigan and Australia command life into his body and all cancer to go. These believers are confident in their authority in Christ and have made a commitment that they won't quit.

Most of Jordan's day is spent sleeping. The pain has been lower in his legs and spine, he has less movement and increased facial pain The meds necessary are quite high and end up making him very groggy. But when he is awake, there are special moments to be had: 
Baths up to three hours long
Receiving prayer
Receiving a massage on Friday
Building a walking chameleon, complete with battery pack, with a Lego Master outside Thursday
Beating his brother Matthew in a very short Chess match Saturday morning
Going for bed rides outside under the Christmas lights Saturday evening
And praying for others. This is a video clip of Jordan praying for a family friend, Lindsay. He also prays for and blesses the staff from the house and any visitors that need healing. 
Lastly, enjoying some great music; either worship from our selection or a live concert - like Jonathan and Brian who came over yesterday and sang and prayed over Jordan.

So, yes there are tears and unanswered questions, but we are standing and resting in the promises of Christ. Thank you for joining us.