Thursday, 22 November 2012

Reset Button

I awaken with mixed feelings.  Jordan's level of pain has been so out of control that for the vast majority of most days, he is sedated.  When he is awake, he asks for prayer and eats what he can. There is no hiding what our family believes. Worship music and praying from friends over the phone or in person squeak through our door into the hallway.  Nothing really changes when the doctors or nurses enter the room; in fact, Jordan will frequently request they join in if he is in pain.  

We’ve had some of our friends stay overnight with Jordan to help us get a good nights sleep and to continue to speak the truth to his body during the night. It has been amazing and restorative for us.  It’s been tough for Jordan to think about connecting face to face with his friends as it makes him sad and he feels all the losses all over again.  When they walk out of the room, he wants to walk out with them.

Sometimes the losses for Jordan come so quickly that it takes awhile for the shock to sink in.  Tuesday Jordan told his grandparents that his faith was bending...and then a few hours later, he prayed for his nurse and blessed her.  As Kim so aptly put it, our reset button is Hope.  Can't be otherwise if we believe the words of Jesus.