Thursday, 1 November 2012


We've passed the 300th day mark of waking to an unbelievable prognosis and increasingly daunting symptoms.  Each day continues to bring unexpected joys and sorrows.  It's as if our family lives outside the normal routine of school, work, chores, weekdays or weekends.

Jordan's favourite thing is still receiving prayer whether it is over the phone, in person or lately through emails and letters I read over him.  This is from a card we received yesterday from Meredyth, a woman who was in our church when we were youth pastors in Niagara Falls, before Jordan was born:
"Christ the Healer, in Your name, I command any disease, abnormality, disfigurement or discomfort to be eradicated, normalized, restored and soothed because it's Your will and Your glory.  So be it in the powerful name of Jesus."
And we all say, "Amen" - it is certain, it is sure.”