Sunday, 9 September 2012


Curry Blake (a favourite teacher on healing) defines sympathy as making someone comfortable in their suffering and compassion as helping someone out of their suffering.  Our tolerance for pain and disease as a family has diminished.  That was evidenced on our drive home from Jordan's aunt Denise's 50th birthday party.

It is important to understand that Jordan's relationship with his aunt is pretty special.  She was a regular visitor during his stay at Children's hospital, acted as chauffeur on several key trips to and from the airport, and played a significant role in caregiving during a particularly traumatic night of vomiting in a hotel room.  It's so true that when someone sees you at your most vulnerable and weak and loves you well, it creates a bond.   So that is the back ground for our drive home. When we rehearsed the evening's events, I mentioned how wonderful it was that Denise could eat all the delicious food.  I reminded Jordan of the celiac disease which has caused her great discomfort, frustration and pain since she was a young woman.
His response came loud and clear from the back of the van where he was lying down.  Jordan began speaking to the disease and commanding it to leave his aunt's body in the authority given him by Jesus.  He spoke to her body and declared it whole and healthy, able to digest any food she would choose to eat.  Frankly, his vehemence and urgency took me by surprise.  But then it makes sense.  He has experienced suffering and is not okay with anyone - especially someone he loves, to be held hostage.  So now Kim and I are agreeing with him - that his aunt's birthday present will be a healed body.

Also, just got a call from the Royal Canadian Mounted Police that they have found our truck in West Kelowna – looks undamaged. We’ll get it tomorrow. Nice. Thank you Jesus.