Wednesday, 26 September 2012


While listening to one of my favourite Bible teachers, I heard something that I don't think I'll ever forget.  He described the space between when we pray and when we see the answer, as the meantime  -so named because it's mean.  It's not easy to have patience when everything seems to be falling apart.  Witnessing Jordan this weekend,  move from crawling everywhere to staying in his room virtually all day because of the pain that the morphine can't seem to touch was almost surreal. And when we did add meds, the nausea kicked up so that his appetite disappeared and the bucket reappeared.  Incredible!

Through it all, friends and family prayed. Friends have become family.  What has heaven witnessed?  These ones have prayed when it was discouraging and the reports were only "It's worse". Some prayed with tears, others with shouts, some couldn't find words so they groaned. We pray because Jesus instructed us to - to pray, to command, to ask.  He is our example.  And He told us we would do greater things because He would move into us if we asked Him to.  Really, every med we give is like a bandage until the Healer gets to the source.  I have no idea why this is taking so long.  Jordan asks me that question at least once a day.  And I don't know.

As we made our way back to the vehicle from a CT scan yesterday, Jordan pulled ahead of us on his power scooter.  Apparently he had spotted an older woman in a wheelchair, outside the cancer clinic. She was outfitted with an oxygen tank while smoking.  Kim and I were quite a distance behind when we saw him stop, put out his hand to her and by the time we arrived on the scene, he was praying for her...telling how important she is to Jesus, and commanding: all disease to leave her body, complete health, and freedom from her addiction (he must have noted the large carton of cigarettes in her chair's pocket).  With tears rolling down her face and eyes wide open, she started to call on Jesus and thank Jordan.  As our family moved away, we could her repeating "I am blessed". It can be humbling to be around Jordan.