Thursday, 13 September 2012


By Tuesday, we had an X-ray and blood work done to see if we could determine the cause of Jordan's symptoms. All the tests came out positive and only the nausea is left.  Only nausea....sheesh!  I so appreciated the our Canuck House nurse who told me she views nausea as worse than pain - pain you can distract or power through.  Feeling like throwing up is consuming. It is so wonderful not to be minimized.

From Kim's and my perspective it looks like withdrawal from one of the opiates he has had in his system for months.  The last two mornings It has taken until mid morning before Jordan has felt well enough to attend school. Yesterday, he needed to come home before the last class since he just ran out of energy.

I so respect Jordan's willingness to keep push past his overcome the frustration of feeling behind.  I don't think I'd be going out in public if i was unsure of if I'd need a bucket or not.  Unless his body starts consistently cooperating - as it did a few weeks ago, he may be looking for another schooling alternative.  We so hope not since we see him enjoy being with other people, feeling aspects of normalcy and just getting out of the house for a purposeful day.  But one day at a time.

As I reread friend Chris' email last night, I was reminded from Deuteronomy 30:19-20 to choose life as I cling to Him who is Life.   The last few days I had been feeling like I was simply holding my breath and was hostage to circumstances.  Amazing again to me of what perspective can bring.  It is a privilege to care for my son and to be able to pick him up at a moment's notice when he is "done in" - to watch him overcome obstacle after obstacle time and again.

The leg mass keeps slowly receding - Come On!
Agreeing for All legs healed and whole