Sunday, 2 September 2012


The decision is made; Jordan is choosing KCS, a smaller private Christian school.  It was not an easy decision for Jordan - it just came down to less stress. There are 2 classes of grade 10 - 50 students as opposed to over 800 at the public school he was originally expecting to attend.  His first day is Wednesday since they need Tuesday to bring the teachers up to speed and make the necessary adjustments.

Kim is planning on returning this week to begin to rebuild his consulting/counselling business that he stepped away from at the beginning of the year.  We have been supported and sustained by loving friends and family financially through this journey.  We are sooo grateful!  We have not had to sell our home in the midst of it all to pay bills or try to keep working when our heart was with Jordan. This is our step of faith, believing that Jordan will be able to attend school and not require both of our full-time attention.

Today has been a day of prayer.  Jordan has gone from groggy to violent nausea all day long.  We were so looking forward to a marshmallow roast on the beach since the campfire ban was lifted.  Or a car trip.  Or a boat ride.  Anything fun!

But instead, we get more practice at praying and remaining and believing and commanding - Jordan included.  We are so proud of him.  I would be whining and complaining and looking for sympathy.  He thanks us, tells us he loves us and encourages us to take breaks.  Tonight he changed the bicycle horn protocol:  one or two squeezes means ‘Please come’, lots of squeezes means ‘Hurry and pray out loud while you come so I can hear’. :-)