Monday, 10 September 2012


Wow, I'm writing a lot.  A lot is happening and the last two days have been excruciating...not what we had hoped for.   Yesterday, until early evening, Jordan experienced a ridiculous amount of nausea - lots of bucket time.  Such a shock after Saturday's good health.  This morning, from the moment he opened his eyes, it was a battle.
From chills and feverishness to severe nausea to pins and needles.  So he missed school.  We drove to the parking lot but the nausea was so profound that he decided to wait until it subsided. What to do with fear has become a reoccurring topic.

In working with Canuck House on his meds, we are trying to determine what his body is reacting to.  It's a baffling puzzle that carries very real consequences.

At one point, when Jordan was struggling with sudden pain, he grabbed his legs and yelled "I'm going to trust You God when things are good and when things are hard....when I'm in pain and don't understand!  I'm going to trust You no matter what!" Oh my heart.

An in the calm moments of the storm Jordan tells us he loves us.  Tonight, as he went to bed, he asked what I thought Kim loved to do the most.  When I answered with play guitar and worship, he requested that Kim spend some time doing just that.  How does a 15 year old look past his suffering to consider the needs of his parents?  We must have looked pretty haggard.  We sure felt helpless.

There's always tomorrow.