Monday, 1 October 2012


You know what I love?  Observing my son expecting the best...expecting to see the power of God breakthrough in his body...expecting things to get better and not worse.   That is faith.  He has always been a very "present" person. Most children are.  But after everything Jordan has been through it would be understandable to dread.  Capturing his thoughts and replacing them with truth has become a discipline.  For him and for us. Truth - Every good gift is from God.  He doesn't give us bad stuff.  Truth - The all-powerful Creator of the Universe is in me.  He wants me to use the authority He has given me to make wrong things right.

We're outside in the front yard watching the clouds race by.  Looks like the warmer days are behind us but I hope to still enjoy sitting outside.  It probably comes from having a front porch growing up.  Very very few of the homes in our neighbourhood have anything resembling a front porch.  Most have garages that we disappear into.

Two treatments down and three to go and then we're thinking of hitching up the RV (or not, depending if there is snow in the mountains this weekend and the truck has been fixed) and driving to Calgary for Canadian Thanksgiving.  Usually we are here for an extended family apple juicing time but Joel is missing us and we're missing him. Calgary is the halfway point between his school and Kelowna.  Matt can't get away....yet.  We are still hoping.