Saturday, 27 October 2012

Close Call

This morning began with Kim and me gathering our suitcases for a move to Canuck House, a children's hospice in Vancouver, 4 hours away.  Too many systems seemed to be shutting down in Jordan's body for us to continue to care for him well.  Joel drove himself to the airport after a tearful goodbye.  We were all in rough shape.  A few significant answers to prayer later and we headed to our local hospital instead, for an MRI.  As a result, we're headed once again to begin radiation Sunday morning for another spot in Jordan's spine.  But we're back home tonight and we're all so grateful.  Dinner and Tucker met us when our little family returned home.  Sights for sore eyes.  God bless our wonderful friends.

Because of Jordan's leg, spine and arm, his strategy has been to stay pretty much immobile to practice pain avoidance.  No wonder he sometimes expresses the feeling of being trapped - not being free to move.  New friends, Dave and Patti, are flying in tomorrow night for a few days of concerted prayer.  They recently arrived on the scene just after I asked Father for additional experienced reinforcements with a track record in healing.  Thank you Jesus!

One of Jordan’s new favourite songs – “This is what You do” by Matt Stinton