Friday, 5 October 2012

Up On One Leg

Canmore, AB

I remember thinking just a few weeks ago that I was so looking forward to no longer hearing the sound of crutches.  But on Tuesday when I heard them once again, it was a comforting sign of recovery. Independence for a teenager is incredibly important.

We were able to move Jordan's last radiation treatment to yesterday morning so we were off to Alberta much earlier than we originally planned. The trip was a stunning display of the creativity, beauty and power of God.  How could anyone think this all just "happened"?

Jordan commented that this would be a very convenient time to be completely restored.  We agree.  Enough already. Thing is, I have never before taken seriously the aspect of displaying His kingdom through praying for healing wherever I go...not just when someone I love is affected.   Was reading in Isaiah 53 and in original Hebrew it says "Jesus has borne our sickness and carried our pain". It is finished.  By His stripes we were healed...past tense.  Done deal. Just like we don't need to pay for our sins, because Jesus did.

Friends loaned us their SUV so that Jordan could stretch out on a mattress in the back.  Of course Tucker was stretched out as well.  :-) So often throughout the trip our son declared that he was almost too comfortable. Music to our ears.

Friends in Calgary have offered us their home to stay in for this Thanksgiving weekend while they vacate.  So kind.  And now we've received an email that they are sending us a complete catered Thanksgiving dinner Sunday evening.  Beyond what we imagined....

Joel is with us this morning and we're toodling through Canmore, AB on the edge of the Rockies. So fun to be with him.