Tuesday, 9 October 2012

In Due Time

In many ways, caring for Jordan has brought out the best in me...because he requires it.  And from my viewpoint, this challenge is bringing out the best in everyone who meets Jordan or becomes aware of our journey.  My Dad used to say that when the toothpaste tube gets squeezed, you find out what's really inside.  His way of describing what tough times revealed..

Before this year began, whenever I had imagined the "worst case scenario", I found myself fearing the possibility of losing my faith in God.  It never even crossed my mind that, as a family, our faith would have grown.  But it has not only grown, it has changed.  I don't believe in just holding on until heaven.  More than ever, I know that following Jesus means walking as He walked...seeing people.  Really seeing their needs and reaching out to meet them through the power of God.  In all these months we have yet to encounter a stranger who has refused prayer or not been appreciative afterwards.  What was I so afraid of? I think I was mostly afraid that nothing would happen and I would embarrass God.  Yet while I haven't always been present when the prayer is answered,  something always happened and I've only experienced the pleasure of God.

To catch you all up, our time in Calgary with Joel was wonderful.  Our catered meal turned out to be an adventure.  It arrived an hour late after polite, inquiring calls we're made.  Initially, a "thrown together" meal was delivered as it appeared our friends' initial order had been lost.  Just as we began parcelling it out, the real thing arrived in giant trays...easily enough to feed 20 hungry men. Of course we were overwhelmed.  My first thought was that this is how Jordan's healing will come.  It has been delayed and we were so anticipating it, hungry and bewildered and those that ordered it were not a little irritated.  But when the answer comes, boy will it come and many, many will benefit.

This was the verse that kept coming to mind this weekend...
Gal.6:9 "Let us not become weary in the prolonged effort of doing good, for in due season we will reap the harvest if we do not become enfeebled through exhaustion and faint."