Monday, 15 October 2012

Streaming Tears

Tears were streaming down Jordan's face as he awoke this morning in agonizing pain and sorrow that his hope of complete restoration was not yet met.  And hope was high.  Yesterday, over 50 warriors revolved through our family room, mostly from New Life Church. It was a marathon of worship and prayer, initiated by our friends Harley and Sheila, for 8 solid hours. What an outrageous gift!  Initially, Kim and I were unsure as to how Jordan would be able to handle it all.  But as Kim tucked him in, he sighed a happy sigh and said that he could do that again.

Tears were streaming down Jordan's face later in the morning as stunning fiery pain hit his good leg in the doctor's office. We didn't even want to be at the cancer clinic unless it was to show the doctor and technicians the miracle of Jordan's amazing body.  When the doctor re-entered, he commented that the meds seemed to have taken effect quickly.  Jordan's immediate response was that the pain had disappeared before the meds were given because Kim and I had prayed. 

Tears were streaming down my face this afternoon after Jordan called me to the couch upon hearing me raise my voice at the brooms for not fitting in their closet.  He wanted to pray for my peace.  We had just returned from the first of five radiation treatments to his spine for the crippling back pain.  It was tough.  He had to remain alone and unmoving in a difficult position for several minutes while the technicians and I left the room.  He was pale and drawn when we returned, stuffing down the pain and the drive home was jarring to his body. And I guess my tension came out at the obstinate broom handles.  Jordan requested I sit at the end of the couch, let him hold my hand and speak the peace of God over my heart and mind.  He prayed that I would enjoy Jesus in that moment.  And that was significant to me.  Thinking on the difficult past only makes me sad or angry over what Jordan has had to endure.  Thinking on any scary future only causes fear and dread.  We have the present - I've heard that is why it is called a gift.

Tears are streaming down my face as I sit down to write to you.  I've just come from kissing Jordan goodnight.  He had fallen asleep on the couch and when roused to go to bed, pain hit once again.  Our friend Linda, living in Texas, had just called and she prayed for Jordan on speaker phone as he made his way "bum walking" up the stairs.  We must have made quite a sight through our living room window as I held Jordan's leg for him while he crawled up the stairs backwards and Kim held the phone so we could hear her declaring the power of God.  She has seen so many physical miracles and knows her authority in Christ.  As the pain left Jordan, he asked me, "Why would the enemy hit me with that pain in my left leg today in the doctor's office?  Wouldn't he know that we would just call on Jesus?  That's what we always do.  He can never stop us from turning to Jesus and he can never take that away."  It is apparent that Jordan believes Jesus' words when He said that the enemy comes to steal, kill and destroy but Jesus came that we might have life...and life abundant.

Jordan reminds us that he loves and treasures us throughout the day.  He often offers long hugs and expresses gratitude for the little things.  We have talked quite a bit recently about the difference for us between sorrow and discouragement.  Sorrow is being real and honest with yourself, others and God. Discouragement is an enemy that saps our courage and joy. I realize when I write this he comes out looking like a saint.  Today I can't help it - that's how I experienced our son.