Friday, 12 October 2012

Jordan's Requests

We are rehearsing truth constantly.  The alternative is to live in loss and mourning and that is just not an option for any of us.  In addition to Jordan's leg (where the tumour appears to have moved upwards) and spine, where pain has attacked at random, his right eyesight and right side of his tongue, affecting speech and chewing, have been our battle zones.  In the morning, his ability to swallow and digest has sometimes been compromised.  Jordan asked us to make you all aware of these specific sites of conflict in his body, many of which have arisen in the last few days.  As we speak the victory of Jesus and command Jordan's body to obey, he is able to experience relief and the peace of Christ in a short period of time.  These skirmishes stem from their source - cancerous they have to go.

My girlfriend in Calgary asked me on Monday what our plans for the week are.  It’s a good question that took me by surprise.  We plan to make the most of every day - to love each other well - to walk closely and partner with our Heavenly Father in seeing victory for Jordan in every arena. When Jordan feels up to it, we get in the vehicle and go - to the park, mall, restaurant, friend's house, or just for a ride.  Dates and times are blurring.  The colours are turning so it's autumn.  Time for leaves to shrivel, die and fall off the tree - like cancer in my son's body.  Everything points back to that.  Our lives are so focused it's incredible.

We did not ask for this fight but we are in it.  And we declare "The Battle is the Lord's!"