Saturday, 22 December 2012

Flip flops in December

We all arrived at the Barber's home Thursday evening. The Barbers passed us on the highway heading north to the Carolinas for a winter wonderland Christmas and had offered their home to our family.  They'll be returning for New Years.  Yahoo! 

Matt and Joel almost didn't make their flights due to the blizzards but at the last moment were assigned first class seats from Minneapolis to Fort Lauderdale.   Their expressions coming off the plane were priceless.  I gather they were expecting to be booted into coach at any point before takeoff.  Soo grateful! Barbers left a fully lit Christmas tree, nativities, gifts and lights outside. It's warm and breezy.  The guys were commenting on how great it is to regroup in a home filled with amazing memories rather than in a strange hotel room.

Tonight we head to the Puch's to swim, decorate the tree and play games.  Christmas Boca-style.  The last two days we've been walking, napping, reading, talking, laughing, crying, and appreciating being together.