Wednesday, 5 December 2012

God With Us

I find myself speaking about Jordan in both the present and past tense...similar to when our friend moved to Africa and we would say "She loved that...". She was alive, just not with us.

As we plan the Friday night service, the details are threatening to overwhelm so we're trying to pace ourselves.  Lots of family and friends are helping but the decisions are many.  When the pastor of Evangel reminded Kim that it is decorated for Christmas, I overheard Kim respond, "Well, Christmas is all about God with us. This is about Jordan with God.”

The link for the live video of the Celebration that will begin at 7pm Pacific Standard Time on Friday is:

I wrote friends that I have used up all my emoticons in various combinations.

Remember the flood a month ago? Well the restoration company has been so wonderful.  After putting everything on hold while we were in Vancouver, I've just requested that they put in all the fixtures ASAP since we have a houseful.  They have gone far above and beyond.

Today, a thoughtful workman downstairs asked if he might move our family photos off the wall so he could install the towel bar on the other side of the wall.  I looked at all the photos of Jordan when he was a toddler - 2 soothers (pacifiers) in his mouth at once, body dripping as he emerges from the ocean, held by his big brothers after he came home from the hospital....and tears just flooded my eyes and suddenly, I couldn't see.  The poor man.  He was just trying to help and I was watching my son's memories through a telescope backwards.  How would we ever have imagined going through what we have?  And to end up loving each other so, loving God so?  How is that possible?