Sunday, 9 December 2012


Matthew and Joel flew back to school yesterday and our friends made their way back home which leaves us with each other, our best friend Jesus and Tucker. We are overwhelmed by the love of family and friends and are enjoying the comfort that only Jesus can bring.

Some were not able to view the Celebration of Jesus in Jordan, so we put the full service on YouTube
Here is that link:
We also have another link for the slideshow all by itself:

We have received questions on how to participate in Jordan’s “We Win” Fund. That information is on the picture below that you can print, fill in and mail, or phone the church or email to give over the phone. The charitable receipt is only for Canadians.

If you would like to send in video clips of blessing to our family, pictures you might have or any message of encouragement or memory, please send that to
That will come directly to the family.

We will probably continue writing on this blog in that the journey has not ended.

We are looking forward.