Friday, 20 January 2012

A New Morning

Oh my word, what a crazy 24 hours.  

Yesterday was just one bad event after another...Jordan slipping and falling, too drugged to use his crutches, bloody noses and loads of yucky stuff he probably wouldn't be interested in the world knowing about :-)  And then the sun came up this morning.

Once again Jordan awakened thinking maybe he was at his cousins' home or maybe in his only bed only to be soo disappointed. So he crawled into his lazyboy-type wheelchair, put on a winter coat and hat and wheeled him out to the porch at the end of our hall in my pjs and housecoat.  We must have been quite a sight.  We didn't dare ask permission.  We'll ask forgiveness later.  Jordan is holding on to his IV pole and I'm stuffing him through the door onto the snow with no idea if I can maneuver to get him back in.  Just for a breath of fresh air after days in his little room.  The Oncologist found us out there....Jordan explained it as our "insanity break".

From 8 this morning to 9:30 this evening, when I left him with Kim taking the army cot, he experienced the best day yet.  Very little pain, next to no nausea and mini-escapes to the great outside throughout the day.  And then....Kim arrived from the airport with hugs and laughter and kisses and gifts of cards and gift cards and wrapped presents and a gorgeous quilt to sleep under.  We laughed until we cried.  
Jordan was so blown away by the first 2 gifts that he decided to savor the others and just open a couple a day.  Let's see if he has the self-control tomorrow :-)  
Thank you everyone for praying.  That means absolutely the most.  I was reminded by a friend today of my life passage:
"I will trust in the Lord with all my heart and lean not on my own understanding.  In all my ways I will acknowledge Him and He WILL direct my path."  
Funny....moments before Jordan asked me "How can I actively trust God - what does that look like?"   
I am humbled by your kindnesses and your remembering of us.  God is so good through you all.
I'm banished to Ronald McDonald House for a full night sleep by my huz.  
Good night.  Bless you.