Friday, 27 January 2012

What not to put behind the wheels of a van

Today was quite interesting. On the way to our clinic appointment, I drove over my briefcase resulting in a cracked screen and  battery for my work computer, the screen of Darlene's work IPAD damaged and the screen of Jordan's brand new 3DS (gift from friends) cracked. What with the assortment of things we were trying to stuff in the van for our trip to the clinic - wheelchair, crutches, blanket, water, purse, meds, paperwork, etc., it just got overlooked. My computer has already been replaced by a generous donor.

The blood work came back to show that Jordan is not ready to travel yet, so we will try again for Monday. That was hardest on Jordan who longs for a sense of normalcy and familiarity.
We were all sad and then went shopping for more Lego.  Lego has helped Jordan focus - to finish a project is satisfying - to bring order out of chaos.  Something concrete. Later, I took the 3DS to Nintendo Canada and for a nominal fee, replaced the unit. 

We are very thankful, just have to dig a little deeper to get there.  We want Jordan healed.
In the midst of some loss, we are seeking to rehearse what we have not lost: our place in Christ, our peace, our authority in Jesus, our confidence in His goodness, you (our friends and family), great and precious promises, a house that cannot be shaken, our voice to speak hope and life, our hands to touch the sick and see them healed, a growing connection with Jordan in the midst of trial and a marriage that just seems to be getting better.

So, in light of all that, we are doing well. 
Just don't leave your electronics anywhere near the wheels of my vehicle.