Friday, 20 January 2012

Joy in the Rain

Some of you may want some details - so while we are agreeing on Plan A, the doctors also have a plan: 10 weeks of chemo - one week on, two weeks off rotation. Then more scans and surgery to remove main tumor. Then more chemo.

Today was the best so far. Jordan was up for 9 hours. eating, building, talking, joking, watching movies. He went outside in his wheelchair and loved the rain (it is Vancouver). Darlene wheeled him down to a coffee shop on the first floor and they enjoyed a hot chocolate.

Darlene and I went to Ronald’s house to wash Jordan’s favorite blanket while my niece and nephew enjoyed Star Wars with Jordan, peaked at a one bedroom basement suite, picked up some yummy Thai food, acted normal for a bit and held hands.

Jordan and Darlene opened some gifts today. What a joy to feel so tangibly loved.
I got my first hug from them in 5 days. mmm
Darlene is off to Ronald’s house to get some much needed sleep and I get to hang out with Jordan tonight.
Your love and prayers are tangible. Thank you.