Thursday, 26 January 2012


It’s amazing how goodness sneaks up on you and catches you by surprise. Right now is one of those moments. Darlene has chosen to take some down time and go get a haircut. Jordan is watching Reel Steel on his newly donated Apple product. Of course God is good even when we don’t feel it and we live by faith and not by sight. It’s just nice to experience it.
Jordan is praying with authority that we have never heard before.  In the middle of a disappointing day, he is thanking God for people and things.
We go in for more blood work on Friday - tomorrow morning.  Jordan’s blood count (White blood cells and hemoglobin) were a bit low and that was a concern for travel, so we are hoping that the count will be better tomorrow which will give us green lights to fly home sometime on the weekend.
Room at Ronald's House

Cool looking Jelly Fish at Vancouver Aquarium

Right now our prayers include commanding the cancer to go, strength to Jordan’s immune system and his organs, the restoration of his leg, the elimination of pain and nausea and any harmful side effects of the chemo.  We’re blessing his hair and his spirit.