Saturday, 21 January 2012

A Mighty Army

Hi this is Cheryl Molenaar. I just have a few things to say to you all.


There have been 5389 page views on this blog since it was created. Can you believe it?!

People are praying, sending words of faith, believing, loving, giving, cooking, writing, planning and strategizing on how they can support the Unraus to see Jordan come to complete healing.

What a beautiful thing!

Today I had an image of the Unrau family standing in a field. They were completely surrounded by rows and rows of warriors. The people were pressed in so tight that no harm could touch the family. There were layers of protection.
God is fighting on Jordan's behalf and He has enlisted you as part of His mighty army.

Jordan has some work to do. The response has been so overwhelming that we need him to write a new wish list. (what a great problem!) I hope to get that soon.

In the meantime, I wanted to let you know that a group of teenagers and young adults have designed Team Jordan t-shirts (in a colour Jordan chose) with a 2 fold desire:

1.  To raise funds so that Jordan can be blessed with an iPad so that he can keep in contact with his friends.

2.  That the t-shirts would speak a message of faith and hope in line with Jordan's healing.

The Worsfold's will be selling Team Jordan shirts on Sunday January 21 @ New Life Church in Kelowna for a minimum donation of 20$.

Or, you can contact Reece Worsfold to be a participate in this fantastic idea.

As well, there is a Team Jordan page on Facebook that you can like and view the activity of this great idea.

On Monday I will be letting you know more about a fundraiser that will be happening in Kelowna on February 10th.

Well done warriors! Keep strong and keep believing!