Tuesday, 24 January 2012


Yesterday we were moved across the hall in Ronald McDonald House to a room where we have a bit more room.  Kim and I were able to share a bed for the first time in 12 days with Jordan on a pull out comfy couch.  A window to open for fresh air and laundry down the hall....yahoo!  What a gift.  

This morning began with a Fruit Loops Purolator package  - bet that hasn’t happened before!  With a ridiculously fun gift tucked inside.  At 3pm Jordan had energy to do something so we raced to the Vancouver Aquarium for the last hour it was open.  Jordan loves Jelly Fish.  

We get to rehearse the good things.  The hard things are the losses of Jordan’s energy and strength, close by friends, our home, jobs and freedom to come and go. 

Tomorrow morning holds the clinic visit for Jordan’s blood work to determine the next move - whether Kelowna is an option or not.  If we let our eyes get off focus, it can be terrifying. Living in the moment and loving each other makes life really simple right now...the important things become clear. 

Your prayers matter - thank you. God is faithful! Hugs, D