Friday, 20 July 2012


Tuesday afternoon we decided to go camping in Oliver (1 1/2 hours from home) using my Mom's RV.  In spite of a split tire and arriving at the campsite only to find they don't allow pets during the busy season we had a mostly uneventful, relaxing time. Kim was brilliant on all counts.  After the campsite mini-fiasco, I found myself in tears....just tender.  We ended up at a quieter, more secluded lake-side campground and enjoyed the gorgeous scenery and change of pace.  
The most difficult part were the nights when I was just behind the curtain, close enough to hear Jordan's pleading with Father God.  The swelling hasn't allowed for him to fully extend his leg or wear his shoes.  He sometimes describes it as being trapped in his body. I know some of our friends can relate to that...I'm not okay with that for anyone....starting with my son.

Is it possible to be grateful and disappointed?  We are surrounded by love and kindness and yet Jordan's symptoms stare us in the face moment by moment taunting us in our hope. We returned home Thursday to celebrate Jordan's 15th birthday weekend.  Today included an indoor extended family picnic - full of love and laughter. Since conserving energy is a consideration we've decided a weekend is required to do justice to this milestone.  

Our friend, Bruce, from Vancouver Island called to say he is coming up with his wife to pray for Jordan in a few weeks and is bringing him gifts for his 18th and 20th birthdays.  Made my heart sing.
Kim's Dad built a beautiful shelving unit to hold Jordan's Lego creations, later his books and treasures in college and later life.  These gifts speak of a future for Jordan.

And then just before bed, Jordan enters the room with a large grin on his face, shoots us with a concealed water pistol and my heart breaks into song again!