Monday, 23 July 2012

Road Trip of Hope

I wanted a birthday gift of significant improvement for Jordan.....even a lessening of the swelling would be great.

Sometimes I feel badly taking Tucker for a walk - Jordan can't.  I find myself zooming around the house or running up the stairs and sadness descends because Jordan can't. Instead he is required to ask for help...for me to be his legs and arms since his crutches prohibit him from carrying much of anything.  What is it like for a young man who used to open the door for me to be so reliant, so dependent on others?

For a few hours during his birthday weekend, Jordan's surprises brought a much needed distraction from all of that for all of us.  His friends swarmed our car when we stopped for a fruit smoothie and "kidnapped" him - taking him to a movie and then home to a party with games and ice cream cake - among other treats.  Most of these young men he has known since we moved to Kelowna 12 years ago.  They haven't backed off - even though it must be tempting sometimes. They pray for him, encourage him and cheer him on

Sunday we decided to take the plunge starting tomorrow morning, and do a road trip to Bethel Church in Redding, CA  where several friends have gone to learn to pray for the sick and seen marvelous results.  We will take it in smaller increments since pulling an RV over the mountains can be grueling.   Kim and I have often wanted to visit there but never under these circumstances.  We will be going to receive.  Early on we told Jordan we wouldn't quit so we are just going to keep on hitting this thing.  Jesus already paid the's time to collect.

As I measured out our meds tonight to ensure Jordan has plenty for the trip, it physically hurt.  Oh to only take what we need for one way.  The last few nights bedtime has been teary for all of us as we pray, ask, command and bless.  Hope is expensive sometimes.