Saturday, 7 July 2012

We Come Boldly

A verse Kim keeps reminding us of is Hebrews 4:16.  We are in need. We need mercy in any way that we have made mistakes or not done what we needed to do. We need grace to receive what is already been given to us in our inheritance in Christ. And we get to come to God boldly because of what Jesus did for us.  Boldly and confidently because He told us to. How amazing is that?

As a family we've talked about the option we had of just encouraging Jordan to resign himself to what the prognosis is and to just enjoy each day he can.  Sometimes it has felt almost cruel to hope - to expect - to believe for his healing.  Jordan's response has been that he can't imagine living without that hope and expectation.  While there has been incredible disappointment over it taking so long, he has been fueled by others' prayers.

I long for the morning that we hear Jordan's feet coming down the hallway and not the sound of his crutches hitting the ground....walking and leaping and praising God.