Friday, 27 July 2012

Postcards from the Road

We are pulling away from my brother's home near Seattle as I write this.  The challenge of driving through the mountains towing 9,000 lbs was a first for Kim...but yesterday brought a blown tire on the freeway with a subsequent broken bar that put pressure on the good tire.  Seconds before the driver pulled up beside us to gesture toward  our quickly shredding tire, I was thinking and praying about our safety on the road.  What should have taken 4 hours, took 8. So grateful for my brother's and sis-in-law's assistance and hospitality.

Jordan's lower leg and foot was so swollen last night, it looked painful, but was down significantly this morning.  We are trying to keep it up most of the time. Our trusty Schnoodle (sounds like a pastry), Tucker is loving the adventure although you would think he is concerned about being left behind the way he is first into the truck or into the RV.  As Jordan's sleeping companion he is known to walk over Jordan's stomach to get down rather than find an alternate route.  Jordan is sleeping well and has mostly a good appetite. Having the bathroom just two hops away from his bed at night is handy.

Jordan is consistently a source of laughter...whether it be a little silly dance to a jazz song or commenting on how dark his computer screen is while wearing his sunglasses.  So glad we all like each other.  It would stink to be stuck together if we barely tolerated one another.  Yesterday I enlightened Jordan on the ways I wasn't a great big sister.  His response was "you've obviously changed.".  Why did that warm my heart?

We hope to arrive in Eugene, OR tonight and Redding sometime tomorrow afternoon.  There are services Friday night and Sunday morning with the Healing Rooms open Saturday 9am to 10:30am.  Probably head home Monday morning or whenever we know it's time.

So if you pass us by, (and if you are traveling south on I - 5, you probably will because we're in the slow lane), you'd see: Kim maybe with his Aussie hat on munching on sugar snap peas, Tucker leaning up against him, surveying his domain, Jordan with His laptop open and ear buds in bopping to some music or laughing at a sitcom, and me sometimes reclining in the back seat wondering.....about a great many things.

Friday morning
Well our first Walmart parking lot sleepover. Worked great until the hedge trimmers set up next to us early this morning - Jordan slept blissfully on, Kim and I giggled.  Now for a stop at Starbucks so we can post this as or you all know we are alive and well and pressing on.
"'Cause we've already won" as Jordan is whistling and humming.