Wednesday, 4 July 2012

A Blur of Joy

These last few days have provided a continuous stream of grateful outburst: ”I’m so thankful I’m not in the hospital.  I’m so glad I don’t have a VAD in my chest anymore.  Wow, it’s so good to have delicious treats, cousins, friends, Tucker….”  The list goes on and on - including the prominent absence of pain and nausea as unwelcome companions.
With all of this has come an increase in energy, sparkle, humour and creativity.  Yesterday morning Jordan asked for modeling clay and set up shop in the dining room to design a “clay-mation” with a camera given to him by the Children's Wish Foundation and a Macbook Pro given to him by Team Jordan. 

To watch him move beyond the regular distractions was such a joy for us as parents.  Despite the radiation treatment that turned out to be more uncomfortable and extended than normal, his energy bounced back to later include a trip to the mall and the Cheap Tuesday showing of Spiderman, complete with uncle and cousin.  As adults, we just kept looking at each other, smiling and shrugging to keep pace with Jordan.  Wowee!
And yet throughout the days and nights, we would walk in on Jordan’s out loud prayers which while including gratitude were also instructions to his body, his mind and to the disease that has stolen so much.  The phrase Keep on Keeping On leaps to mind… Jordan soo longs to be free. We have never seen him pray and command with so much faith and authority.
Cards, letters, phone calls and emails with words of love, blessing and hope have really blown me away in what kind of a lift I experience from them.  Unexpected gifts which could only have been conceived in the heart of God providing comfort and surprise.  A massage for me, an ice cream maker to make healthy treats,  a cheque to help cover being able to focus on Jordan and not attempt to juggle work as well, fresh fruit, offers of help with the gardening and housecleaning….such a full heart.